We are your Advertising Department, without adding to your payroll

HMD is a full service agency with an in house design studio. From conception through to the finished product, whether it be a media campaign, website development, or corporate identity, our team is with you all the way.

We don't take ourselves too seriously but we do take our clients work extremely seriously... and we do great morning tea!

We like to think it's the way it should be!

What We Do

In 2001, and with only one client, an idea was born. The idea was for our clients to make one phone call, to one company and have everything done for them. We wanted our clients to ask "Can you...", and before they finished the question, we wanted to be able to answer, "Yes, we can". Corney? Perhaps, but our clients love it! There is nothing that we can't do or organise for your business (and we've been asked to do some very strange things... but that's another story). What we do most days is shown here, but if you want something else, just ask!


HMD offers a full range of design services from press ads to web creation.
If you can put your name on it, HMD can create it! From coming up with a new company logo or identity from scratch, creating eye-catching awesome truck curtains and billboards or designing stunning presentation folders and point of sale material, the Design Team at HMD has got it covered.


With an extensive radio background, starting in the mid 80's, HMD are probably one of the most experienced radio agencies in the country. We work on a direct basis with most radio stations around Australia and make sure our clients are on the right station, at the right times, at the right price!


Open any newspaper across the country and you'll be hit with hundreds of the same, over-crammed, cheap looking, unimaginative press ads. HMD are committed to creating clean, stylish, effective press ads that actually sell stuff! No vomit bursts in our ads!


Television advertising can be an enormous waste of money or the most cost effective advertising medium, the difference may be HMD. It's probably the most daunting of all advertising mediums for most businesses today. The sheer cost of producing a quality TVC, let alone the actual advertising schedule means this is one medium you have to take seriously. But it doesn't have to be that way! Television, if bought correctly, can be one of the most cost effective advertising mediums available.


If you don't have a web site or your current site is out of date or simply just not working the way it should be, you're missing a huge part of your potential market. HMD can design and create the perfect website that works for you; it's something the Web Team at HMD is really good at! Check out some of the sites we've created and we hope you'll agree.

SEO Services

Our Clients

It's our job to make our clients look good and enjoy success from their advertising and design work.
But don't just take our word for it, here's what some of our clients said (albeit after we had plied them with alcohol!).


"We love the way you're helping us 'Look after Macarthur'!... just had to get the strap line in there"!
Scott Wakeling, Managing Director


"You are amazing, love working with you. Fantastic design work, enormous patience and good humour (when we change our mind for the 10th time!), and unbelievable turn-around time."
Nicola Green, Assistant General Manager, Capital Club Dubai


"If they weren't running their own company, I'd have them running mine"!
Jason Hedges, Managing Director


"What can I say, they're my advertising guys! Whatever needs to be done, they do it and do it well. most of their good ideas have come from me, but that's another story."
Stephen Heather, Dealer Principal


"My advertising gurus! Hills Media is an integral part of our business".
John Collins, Managing Director


"I must say that I love the newsletter. I love the new graphic design (burgundy is rich!) and the content and photos are SO POWERFUL. I am so impressed, I adore it!"
Denise R. Adams, Senior Vice President, Kitson & Partners Clubs, FL USA.


"We offer a Hong Kong Registration Service, bank account opening services and more! We can do it all. CORE is a licensed service provider and gained a Trust or Company Service Provider License in August 2018 (TCSP License No. TC003410). Whether you are looking to form or incorporate your company in Hong Kong, we’ve got you covered, no matter whether you’re a local business wanting to grow or an overseas company."

Our Work

There's no way we can put all of our work up for you to see, but we'd like to show you just a small sample of what we do. If you'd like to see more samples, just give us a call.

Key People

DEB FERGUSON Managing Director

[email protected]

Deb was supposed to be a lawyer, but after spending her gap year working in the media she couldn't imagine working in any other industry. Like many people she started at the bottom, as the office girl at Radio 2SM at the age of 17. She fell in love with Radio and filled many roles from promotions, to scheduling and then finally, by accident, Sales.

In an instant she knew that she had found her calling - working with clients to achieve their business objectives with the added bonus of clients buying her chocolates when the results were great. After 5 years as Retail Sales Manager with Mix in Canberra and then WS FM in Sydney, Deb started her own company with David. Their first month in business saw them cash their first company commission cheque for $1,700 - fortunately things have grown since then.

The Important Stuff -
Deb is Mum to Daniel (her sunshine) and Joshua (her moonlight) and married to Hilly (her non-handy husband).
She spends most of her spare time thinking of ways to add to her shoe wardrobe and fantasising about sitting on her favorite beach in Phuket drinking a nice crisp cold white wine.


ADAM RUSPANDINI Creative Director

[email protected]

Adam began his accomplished design career in 1992 after realising that the cash register/night packing gig he'd held at Food For Less since high school probably wasn't going to take him to the dazzling career heights he thought it would at 16! Upon finishing his Associate diploma in Fine Arts and Graphic Design he joined one of Sydney's major automotive advertising agencies where he cut his teeth in a demanding industry, and learnt that working fast is just as important as being creative! Over the last 19 years Adam has worked for a number of large agencies both as a designer and manager, and he ran his own business for 4 years where his skills were truly tested, both in management and design.

The Important Stuff -
Adam is married to Angela and has three beautiful children. He plays soccer and netball (yes we thought it was a bit poofy too) and is also a fabulous painter and illustrator in his spare time.


Got a question about something you’ve seen here, or would like to know a bit more? Why not give us a call. It might just be the call that makes all the difference to your business!

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P.O.Box 602, Kellyville NSW 2155
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